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Rigel Astronomy Series


The Rigel Astronomy series of videos presents the science and information on various topics in the field of astronomy.  Topics include the basics of amateur backyard astronomy to the advanced land and space based telescopes, plus programs on the objects found in deep space as well as in our own solar system.

Andromeda Time-Slip Series


The Andromeda Time-Slip Theater brings you the stories and history in the advancement of astronomy.  Herc and Velocity take a look back at the greatest people and events that shaped our knowledge of the Universe.  In each episode, Herc and Velocity perform a short theatrical skit, bringing the past to life, to help tell the stories in an entertaining and informative manner.

Laika's Skywatch Series


The Skywatch program is a look at the current night sky.  The program goes beyond just what you can find that month with your scope by delving deeper into the science of some of the objects and by also presenting the myths associated with the constellations, the ancient stories of how they got their names.

Archived Past Skywatch Episodes:

2013: June - July - August - September - October - November - December

2014: January - February - March - April - May - June - July

July 2015



Black Hole eruptions, Exoplanet mass, Lakes of Titan, Galaxy eater, Population III stars, Pluto and more.


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